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Community Support and Advocacy Events

5th Annual 2022 South Florida Fertility Expo 

Panel Speaker and Exhibitor

Little Haiti Book Festival 2022

Little Haiti Cultural Center / Complex Author Exhibitor:  I am a child of Haitian Immigrants born in Little Haiti, Miami, FL soon after my parents immigrated to the United States.  Not only am I proud of my heritage and Haitian culture, I am excited to be a part of the diaspora.  As a diaspora, my goal is to inspire, motivate and advocate for the younger generation of Haitian-Americans as they navigate through life in a much different Little Haiti and, society overall, than I did.  It is OK to use your voice to tell your story, regardless of what that story looks like.  It is OK to strive for greatness regardless of the type of upbringing you may have had.  It is OK to embrace the American culture while still keeping your Haitian culture close to your heart.  Writing is one of the ways to express emotion.  I am gladly participating as a Haitian-American Author Exhibitor during the 2022 Little Haiti Book festival as part of the Miami Book Fair!  The Haitian culture is a grand and instrumental part of the South Florida culture and it, too, is to be celebrated and embraced!